'Liar,' 'Two Faced,' 'Establishment' Are Just Some of Ways Bernie Supporters Describe Clinton

Posted: Feb 26, 2016 5:30 PM

Independent Journal Review asked Bernie fans who were waiting to see the Vermont senator at a rally in Norfolk, Virginia, this week to describe Hillary Clinton in one word. Their answers ranged from “liar” to “bitchy” and everything in between.

We asked over 100 of these Bernie loyalists to describe the other Democrat running for President in one word.

Their raw, in-order responses are above (The final video product excludes only a few supporters we spoke with, where the audio quality wasn’t good enough).

While Bernie Sanders regularly refuses to criticize Hillary Clinton, his supporters do not hesitate.Below is a listing of some of the most common words used by Democrat voters to describe Hillary Clinton:

  • Liar (9 times)
  • Dishonest (5 times)
  • Emails (3 times)
  • Establishment (3 times)
  • Benghazi (2 times)
  • Monica (2 times)
  • Two-Faced
  • Criminal
  • Flip- flopper
  • Crazy
  • Awkward
  • “Whore”
  • “Bitchy”
  • White
  • Reptilian-Shape-Shifter

Since Hillary admitted at the Democratic town hall earlier this week that she “really doesn’t know” why she’s struggling so much among younger voters, this video may offer her some clues.