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Mainstream Media Cares More About Baby Pandas Than Baby Humans

The Center for Medical Progress has now released nine videos showing how Planned Parenthood sells aborted baby parts, and the news has been dominating the headlines among conservative media outlets. But when it comes to the Big Three networks—CBS, ABC, and NBC—there’s been next to nothing about the exposes, as Matt recently pointed out.


Just how sparse has the coverage been, though? The MRC’s Katie Yoder has put it in shocking perspective—the networks spent more time covering the birth of baby pandas than the gruesome destruction of human life and sale of fetal body parts.

The three broadcast networks, ABC, NBC and CBS swooned over the National Zoo’s panda twins born Saturday, Aug. 22 – and grieved when one died four days later. From the pregnancy until after birth, the news shows combined dedicated more time to the “baby” panda story in three weeks than the horrific Planned Parenthood videos (all nine of them!) in seven weeks.

CBS was the only network to spend more time — six seconds more — on the videos than the panda story.

From Aug. 12 to Sept. 2, the networks spent 28 minutes and 59 seconds on the baby panda story. Meanwhile, from July 14 to Sept. 2, ABC, NBC and CBS have spent less than 24 minutes on the story of human babies torn apart in the Planned Parenthood videos.

In those reports, anchors referred to the pandas as "babies," but called the aborted humans "fetal tissue."


This coverage only includes the first four videos—the networks have completely ignored the last five, Yoder points out.

Apparently to some, human life is less important, less newsworthy, and less precious than animal life. How unbelievably sad.  

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