This One Photo Proves Fetuses Aren't 'Blobs of Tissue' in Early Stages of Pregnancy

Posted: Mar 03, 2015 2:14 PM

In the last 40 years, the advent of the ultrasound, electronic fetal heart monitoring, and a host of other medical technologies have greatly helped the prolife movement change hearts and minds when it comes to abortion. And while we would like to think the “blob of tissue” argument is nothing more than a relic of the 70s, sadly, it’s still used today to convince women that abortion is no big deal since it’s not really a baby yet.

Now, thanks to one mother’s decision to post a photo of her 7-week-old baby that she miscarried, we have one more photo to help convince women otherwise.

“I wanted to share this beautiful image and story with you,” writes Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director turned pro-life advocate, on her Facebook page. “We are indeed created in His image. Thank you to this beautiful mother for courageously sharing her story with all of us.”

"I had a miscarriage on Palm Sunday last year,” the mother begins her story. “We think he was a boy and named him David Raphael. My only prayer when the doctor told me at 11 weeks that my baby had died a month earlier (at 7 weeks gestation), was that I would have something to bury. The doctor said he would either be too small to find or that his fragile body would be crushed in the miscarriage process and there wouldn't be anything left. On Palm Sunday afternoon he came out. The entire sac was in tact and there he was still floating in the amniotic water. I took a picture so I wouldn't forget that moment and how God answered my prayer. I think it would be an amazing photo to show people contemplating abortion. Even though he was only 7 weeks when he died, you can see his little arms and legs forming. My 4 year old was looking through my phone when I wasn't looking one day and found the picture. He came up to me with it and asked me whose baby it was. Even a child can tell that at 7 weeks, the fetus is a little person."

At the time of this writing the photo has been “liked” more than 517,000 times and shared by more than 173,000 others. A number of commenters prayed the photo would help others.

Of course, there were pro-choice advocates that took issue with the post, saying it was “gross” and “disgusting.” Johnson took the time to respond to her critics, and let's just say she didn't mince any words in doing so. 

“Abortion supporters have been up in arms because of the picture I posted of a 7 week old miscarried baby. They have said it's "gross" and "disgusting" and that no one should have to look at something like that,” she wrote on Monday.

“Well abortion supporters, here's something you need to know. Inside of every abortion facility across this country, aborted babies are reassembled by a POC technician (products of conception).

“So if you don't support people looking at these images, then maybe you shouldn't support abortion. If it's not okay for you to look at, then you should also be concerned for the abortion facility workers who look at this every day.

“If you work in an abortion facility and want to get out, we can help.”