[Video] Colion Noir Slams Anti-Gunners for Failing to Address Real Epidemic of Violence in America

Posted: Sep 26, 2013 4:35 PM

Colion Noir of NRA News reminds us in his video today that gun control is not about saving lives--it's about control. He points to the shooting on Mother’s Day in New Orleans that no one ever heard about—another case of “ghetto violence” that anti-gunners dismiss, he says.

“Obviously, everyone remembers what happened at Sandy Hook in the most intimate detail because it was the only thing we saw on the news for a month. We psycho-analyzed the shooter to the point of insanity.

Yet when a couple black kids shoot 19 people during a Mother’s Day parade there’s no psycho-analysis, no investigation as to why it happened. We just dismiss it as ghetto violence.

Think about it. We have a mass shooting by some lonely depressed privileged loser every once in a while, but shootings just like the one on Mother’s Day are epidemic. Too bad no one cares to talk about the psychological makeup of those shooters.

In the case of other mass shootings, the reasons are illusive, we spend countless weeks investigating one bastard’s life trying to come up with a reason for it … but in other parts of America, we have endless amounts of shooters to study, psychological environments to analyze, and conditions to improve, but I guess there’s nothing sexy about stopping ghetto gun violence.”

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