AFP Launches Ad Campaign Against Obamacare

Posted: Jul 08, 2013 2:00 PM

Obamacare may be the ‘law of the land’ but the administration’s recent announcement, which delays enforcement of the employer mandate until 2015, is reigniting efforts by those who think the law should be repealed.  

Americans for Prosperity today announced a $700,000 TV ad campaign that “highlights the negative consequences” of Obamacare and seeks to “reach those who stand to suffer the most…and educate them on how the law could negatively impact their healthcare.”

“The American people have serious questions and concerns about the negative impact of ObamaCare,”explained AFP President Tim Phillips.“They are waking up to higher premiums and fewer choices, but are being told by the White House and outside groups that everything is just fine. We feel it is important to provide education on the true consequences of government intrusion into the private healthcare decisions of families, and provide a counter to disinformation that’s out there.”

AFP says the campaign, which will debut in Ohio and Virginia, is in response to groups like Organizing for Action that are touting the law’s benefits, according to The Hill. 

At the end of the ad viewers are directed to where an online calculator will allow individuals to assess their risk of ‘suffering painful effects of the new law.’ 

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