Boston Mayor Refuses to ‘Eat Mor Chikin’ in Charlotte

Leah Barkoukis
Posted: Sep 05, 2012 1:18 PM

After Chick-fil-A’s President Dan Cathy came out in support of traditional marriage earlier this year, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino sent Cathy an angry letter threatening the company to “back out of [their] plans to locate in Boston.” The mayor’s intimidation tactic sparked quite the controversy, which surfaced a number of issues including economic bullying, free speech and competing definitions of marriage. Thus, it’s quite ironic that a Chick-fil-A lies just below the lobby of the Massachusetts delegation's hotel. According to The Boston Herald Truth Squad, the fast food chain isn’t getting much love, either.

Down at the DNC in Charlotte, the reporters decided to make light of the situation:

"So the Truth Squad thought that would be a good opportunity to make a peace offering to the mayor — a No. 1 combo meal sandwich on a whole-wheat bun.

But Menino did not take the bait. The mayor actually made a face and recoiled when presented with the tasty snack, and refused to even touch it.

“No Chick-fil-A!” he said."

He added, “You want to make fun of the issue of division — I’m not there.” Watch the mayor refuse the tasty meal:




H/T: The Blaze