Absurd: Dead VA Dog Receives Voter Registration Form

Posted: Jun 19, 2012 3:16 PM

Adding to the list of absurd voter and election fraud stories comes this: A man in Virginia received a voter registration form for his pooch, Mozart, who died two years ago. Had ‘Mo’ been alive, he would be 19 years old, qualifying him to vote for the first time this year (had he been a human and all).

The dog’s owner, Tim Morris told WSLS, "I still have no earthly idea how they got his information."

“10 On Your Side looked deeper and found that the voter registration forms were sent by the non-profit Voter Participation Center, not the State Board of Elections.

So we contacted the Voter Participation Center and found that they purchase mailing lists from vendors and while they do try and check every name the organization admits that some do fall through the cracks.

The voter registration efforts are focused on groups like young people, minorities, and unmarried women.”

And apparently animals, too. Just for good measure.

This coming off the heels of Project Veritas’ exposes on the dead voting in New Hampshire and a young man being offered Eric Holder’s ballot in Washington, DC – despite the AG insisting voter fraud is not a problem.

While the idea of a dog receiving a voter registration form may seem humorous on a cursory level, it reveals a much more troubling reality with regard to the integrity of America’s electoral system.

Donald Trump Needs To Be Careful
Derek Hunter

Just how many people are ‘falling through the cracks’ and why?

“The Board of Elections said they've received similar complaints but since the Voter Participation Center is a private organization they can't stop them from sending voter registration forms.”

Unfortunately the burden of responsibility for cleaning up the voter rolls is on each and every citizen. Bipartisan voter integrity groups like True the Vote are making tremendous headway on this front but the task is daunting and time, the mainstream media and the Obama-Holder DOJ is not on their side.