A Day in the Life of an 'Obama for America' Internship

Posted: Jun 07, 2012 3:31 PM

It’s official. We now know what it’s like to be an Obama for America intern. The video to solicit applications paints an idyllic picture of an internship experience where the interns are “honored” to get opportunities to interface with the likes of David Axelrod, are “given real responsibilities” and be “part of a cause that’s larger than [oneself].” Apparently, they are also still deluded by the Hope and Change message from the last time around. Having yet to face the harsh realities of an economy with an 8.2 percent unemployment rate probably does that to a college-age unpaid intern “working” in Chicago.

But they’ll say, ‘Oh how the skills will pay off in the long run!’ Okay, fine. Like what? “To communicate with people from all different backgrounds,” Alejandra proudly states. Not to mention, “Teambuilding skills” and “Time management”. They’ll be such stiff competition in the workforce...

Approbation of the ‘valuable’ role interns play is given when Axelrod tells the group, “I always enjoy meeting with you guys because you guys are a great inspiration.” This, mind you, while sitting next to a girl chewing gum (professionalism at its finest).

Given that the internship is unpaid and in a major city where the cost of living is high, I wish they would realize that they are in fact paying for the experience. Perhaps if, as Visraant dreams, they all wake up on November 7 and President Obama is in office for four more years, their hyperinflated sense of purpose will come to fruition.