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Here Are Some of the Inspiring Ways People Are Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day

Courtesy Warren family/Gerber via AP

Many people around the globe observed World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st by celebrating the lives of those with the genetic condition. The day of awareness for those with an extra chromosome was first observed by the United Nations in 2012. 


UK actress Sally Phillips, whose son has Down syndrome, shared a video of some children who were just “having a good time.”

Some wore mismatched socks Thursday to signal their support for those with the condition.

Many shared pictures of family members with Down syndrome, telling stories about the joy they brought them.


Others highlighted the contributions of some very talented athletes, entrepreneurs, artists, and public speakers with the condition.


Some raised concerns about the high rate of abortions for unborn children prenatally diagnosed with the condition.

That number is roughly 67 percent in the United States. A recent CBS report found a near 100 percent abortion rate for those diagnosed with the condition in Iceland. Denmark has a 98 percent abortion rate following screening and diagnosis of the condition and in France the number is 77 percent.


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