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Twitter Will Prohibit 'Misleading' Ads About Climate Change

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

Twitter announced that the company would be restricting "misleading" advertisements shared on the platform that contradict the "scientific consensus on climate change."


In a blog post published on Earth Day, the platform's sustainability team wrote, "We believe that climate denialism shouldn’t be monetized on Twitter, and that misrepresentative ads shouldn’t detract from important conversations about the climate crisis."

The company said in its Friday post that climate advertisements contradicting the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and other "authoritative sources" will be prohibited.

"We recognize that misleading information about climate change can undermine efforts to protect the planet," the company wrote. "In the coming months, we’ll have more to share on our work to add reliable, authoritative context to the climate conversations happening on Twitter."

"We continue to accelerate our sustainability efforts, and we’re laser focused on reducing our own carbon footprint," the post continued. "Through targeted work, we’ve lowered our emissions for the second straight year – even as the company grew."


Twitter also promised to increase its investments in carbon-removal technology, pledged to make the switch to renewable electricity at its offices and committed to using carbon-neutral power sources at its data centers by the end of the year.

The company also said it had partnered with organizations "committed to environmental conservation and sustainability," including the Earth Day Network, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and Greenpeace.

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