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'I Don't Need Your Business': Georgia Restaurant Owner Tells 'Ignorant' Biden Supporters to Dine Elsewhere

Photo via Twitter

A Georgia restaurant owner posted a notice on the establishment's window slamming President Joe Biden and his "ignorant" supporters and attributed the rise in supply costs and shortage of workers for his restaurant to the policies implemented by the Biden administration.


The sign, posted outside of an Appalachian Grill restaurant in Cartersville, Georgia, was initially shared Sunday in a Reddit forum before going viral on several social media platforms.

The notice instructed Biden voters who have no regrets about their vote in the 2020 election to take their business somewhere else.

"If you voted for Brandon's Build Back BS and don't have remorse or regrets I wish you would leave, I don't need your business," the notice read. Your ignorant, naive decision has more than doubled our costs of goods and depleted our labor force by more than triple."

The mention of the name, "Brandon" was in reference to the phrase, "Let's go, Brandon," which became popular among Biden's critics following a NASCAR race in early October, when an NBC Sports reporter interviewing winning driver Brandon Brown claimed the crowd was shouting "Let's go, Brandon" when they were actually saying "F--k Joe Biden."

The owner of the Georgia establishment also took a shot at Biden's "Build Back Better" slogan and suggested that other restaurants should not want the business of the president's supporters either.

"If this is what you consider to be building back better I don't care to look at or serve you, nor should any other restaurant!" it read.


The Build Back Better social spending bill passed the House of Representatives in November but stalled in the Senate after Democrats in the upper chamber failed to garner enough support for the legislation.

Another sign posted on a chair inside the restaurant claimed that COVID-19 was "created" in Biden's "lab" and that those inconvenienced can "thank a socialist who voted for handouts."

It is unclear when exactly the signs were posted at the restaurant.

In criticizing the restaurant's notice, some social media users pointed out that the owner had received hundreds of thousands of dollars in coronavirus relief for some of his businesses from the Small Business Administration.

Rocky Top Ventures, the company that owns the Cartersville Appalachian Grill and other local restaurants, reportedly received a Paycheck Protection Program loan on April 8, 2022, totaling nearly $200,000, and another loan received on January 26, 2021, worth nearly $300,000, according to ProPublica and


One of the company's restaurants, Ate Track Bar & Grill, reportedly received more than $307,000 in PPP in two separate loan applications also filed on April 8, 2020, and January 26, 2021.

But some anti-Biden social media users said they planned to visit the restaurant in support of the owner's message.

This comes amid Americans' frustrations with the Biden administration over issues like record-high inflation rates and surging gas prices around the country as the 2022 midterm elections near. Several recent polls indicate that Republicans are poised to take back Congress in November.

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