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What Divides Liberals and Conservatives: TV Habits

It's not wise to put all that much stock in surveys like these, but they're fun nonetheless. Entertainment Weekly teamed up with research firm Experian-Simmons to produce an estimation of liberal and conservative TV trends. The results are probably not very surprising - liberals like The Daily Show and conservatives like NCIS, for example - but there may be some surprises in there.


These surveys come along from time to time comparing ideological outlook to personal taste. Hunch had a great infographic saying that conservatives prefer meatloaf, liberals like wine with their meals and everyone likes pizza, for example.

Do these lists of TV shows generally align with what would be expected? The biggest surprise to me is that conservatives hate South Park - the show is often a friend of average Americans under assault from hypocritical liberal nanny-staters. (Warning - language in the video below...)


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