Playing Nice With Democrats?

Posted: Mar 04, 2010 12:30 PM
Reader comments on whether "fighting dirty" (or even if what the GOP has been doing can be considered "fighting dirty") will have been worth it to stop Obamacare:

From Origanalist:

"We have all seen where playing nice gets you with this bunch. Punch the bully in the nose."

From Seadog:

"Trying to reason with democrats is not unlike trying to reason with a mean drunk. You eventually reach a point where acting nice and calm don't work."

From SJA:

"The Republicans offered many solutions during the course of this health care debate and all were ignored."

From Stoic Patriot:

"Your honesty is admirable, but misplaced, as is your assessment of the GOP being underhanded here. For the GOP to be underhanded, it would have to be dealing with an opposition party working in good faith. It is not."