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After the Fall and "Too Big to Fail"

Last night, the Manhattan Institute and Nicole Gelinas held a small lecture and discussion on the financial crisis, the financial collapse and our possible solutions.

Nicole is the author of the wonderful book After the Fall: Saving Capitalism from Wall Street - and Washington that deals with these aforementioned topics. To say that Ms. Gelinas has a firm grasp of what actually occurred in the complicated mess that is our financial system and how it was lead to catastrophe is an understatement.

After the Fall deals primarily with the "too big to fail" phenomenon that has entered the common lexicon over the past year and a half and how the moral hazard problem has permeated Wall Street since 1984. As a result, our financial system over the past twenty-five years has been largely warped.

Ms. Gelinas' thoughtful analysis is an indispensable addition to anyone's library of knowledge when thinking about the financial crisis. Even better, it makes a great Christmas gift! (If you haven't already entered to win our library of conservative classics on offer this holiday season, of course.)

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