New Jersey Governor's Race: Does Christie Lead?

Posted: Oct 27, 2009 10:49 AM
A new Public Policy Polling poll has come out showing that Chris Christie, who lead in their previous poll, has widened his polling lead to four points over incumbent governor Jon Corzine.

After his lead was reduced to a single point in a Public Policy Polling survey two weeks ago, Chris Christie has now widened his advantage to four.

Christie’s at 42% in the newest poll to 38% for Jon Corzine and 13% for Chris Daggett.

Earlier in the race it had appeared that Daggett was hurting Christie more, but now supporters of the independent candidate say by a 44-32 margin that their second choice would be Corzine. 43% of voters planning to support him are Democrats while only 9% are Republicans.

The shift in where Daggett’s support is coming from is likely a result of the negative ads Chris Christie’s campaign has run against him. Where his favorability rating was a positive 30/24 two weeks ago it’s now a negative 31/36, and the climb in people rating him unfavorably has come largely among Republicans.