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Jim Jordan Calls Out Georgia DA for Fundraising Off of Trump Indictment

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan is calling out Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis after she launched a fundraising campaign right before filing felony charges against former President Donald Trump and 18 of his associates -- including his 2020 election attorneys. 


"It is noteworthy that just four days before this indictment, you launched a new campaign fundraising website that highlighted your investigation into President Trump," a letter from Jordan to Willis states. "The timing of this prosecution reinforces concerns about your motivation. In February 2021, news outlets reported that you directed your office to open an investigation into President Trump."

"Additionally, the forewoman of the special grand jury you convened to investigate President Trump earlier this year bragged during an unusual media tour about her excitement at the prospect of subpoenaing President Trump," the letter continues, announcing an congressional investigation into Willis' actions. 

"Given the weighty federal interests at stake, the Committee is conducting oversight of this matter to determine whether any legislative reforms are appropriate or necessary. Such reforms could include charges to the federal officer removal statue, immunities for federal officials, the permissible use of federal funds, the authorities of special counsels, and the delineation of prosecutorial authority between federal and local officials," Jordan wrote. 


President Trump is schedule to be arraigned and processed at Fulton County Jail in Georgia Thursday. Others who have been charged, including former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani, turned themselves in earlier this week and are out on bond. 

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