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White House Briefing Descends Into Chaos

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The daily White House press briefing had a rocky start Monday after News Africa chief correspondent Simon Ateba, who rarely gets called on, demanded equal treatment from Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre and his colleagues. 


"This isn't China, this isn't Russia, this is the United States. This is the White House," Ateba, adding Jean-Pierre shouldn't only call on reporters who she likes or who ask convenient questions. "There are people in the back don't get any questions."

"You shouldn't discriminate against some people because you don't agree with their question," he continued. 

Jean-Pierre brought the cast of the show Ted Lasso to the briefing room to discuss mental health before being confronted about a lack of access. 

In January, Ateba made an appearance on Fox News to discuss the situation. 


Last week, Jean-Pierre was pelted with questions about a lack of direct access to President Joe Biden and aggressive behavior toward reporters. 

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