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How Many Democrats Voted to Continue IRS Harassment?

Shortly after adopting a new rules package for the 118th Congress Monday night, Republican lawmakers swiftly moved to fulfill a top campaign promise and main tenet of Speaker Kevin McCarthy's Commitment to America. 


Americans for Tax Reform sounded the alarm about the new agents and who they would target last year. 

"The dishonestly named Inflation Reduction Act added $80 billion in new funding for the IRS. This additional spending will go towards hiring 87,000 new IRS agents to go after American families and small businesses to help finance Democrats trillion-dollar spending spree," ATR finds. "Of the $80 billion in new funding, $45.6 billion will go towards tax enforcement while a mere $3.18 billion goes towards taxpayer services – meaning Democrats spent 14 times more on increasing enforcement than improving taxpayer services. Taxpayer services include things like pre-filing assistance and education along with filing and account services." 


"Democrats have claimed this funding won’t go towards any new IRS audits on Americans making less than $400,000, but a preliminary assessment from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) shows otherwise. The CBO estimates that at least $20 billion of new revenue from increased IRS audits will come from individuals earning less than $400,000 per year," ATR continues. 

Not surprisingly, every House Democrat voted to keep the funding and harassment of average Americans intact. 

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