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Border Patrol Union Blasts White House for Refusing to Revoke Smears of Agents

AP Photo/Felix Marquez

The National Border Patrol Council is blasting the White House and President Joe Biden after Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to revoke smears against mounted agents during Monday's briefing. 


As the union noted, in September 2021 Biden jumped on a cooked up, leftist narrative -- devoid of facts --- that mounted Border Patrol agents "whipped" illegal Haitian immigrants as they unlawfully entered the United States. Before any investigation took place and without evidence, Biden declared the agents were criminals who would be swiftly punished. The mounted unit in Del Rio was suspended from use, taking away a valuable tool agents need to keep the country safe.


Nothing Biden said was true. The agents did nothing wrong and after being hung out to dry for  six months, they've been cleared.

At the time of the incident, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas briefly told the truth about the situation, indicating agents were using reigns -- not whips --- to control their horses, but quickly pivoted to parroting Biden's smear. 

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