Fed Chair Blows Up Biden's Argument Inflation Is 'Transitory'

Posted: Nov 30, 2021 2:00 PM

For months, the Biden administration has been telling the American people that inflation and rapidly increasing prices on everyday items are "transitory" and temporary. 

"The President would say we take the commitment, he takes the commitment of lowering costs for the American people very seriously.  We, of course, have seen, and from outside experts, including the Federal Reserve, OECD, and others, that their expectation is that these inflation rises will be transitory, that they will come back down next year," Psaki told reporters in October. 

But according to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, who President Biden just nominated for another term, it's time to retire "transitory" from the conversation. In other words, inflation is here to stay and it's going to get worse. 

Inflation was never temporary or transitory, but that didn't stop the Biden administration from claiming it was.  

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