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UPDATE: White House Responds; There's a Familiar Symbol Cuban Freedom Fighters are Using For Their Cause

AP Photo/David Goldman

UPDATE: The White House was asked about Cubans flying the American flag while Americans at home call it "alienating" or offensive. Press Secretary Jen Psaki offered a disappointing answer. 


***Orginal post***

Thousands of freedom seeking Cubans are taking to the streets in their infamous communist country. Chanting "we are not afraid" and "libertad," civilians are protesting the Castro style regime after decades of oppression and misery. 

Accompanying them in their brave quest for liberation is the American flag. 


During anti-communist protests in Hong Kong last year, before Beijing implemented a new crack down on the previously autonomous region, the American flag was also used as a symbol for freedom.  It's been seen in Venezuela and Iran in protests against tyrannical and oppressive regimes.

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