Hero Activated! Watch Concealed Carry Holder Protect His Wife From a Rabid Bobcat Attack

Posted: Apr 17, 2021 1:00 PM
Hero Activated! Watch Concealed Carry Holder Protect His Wife From a Rabid Bobcat Attack

Source: (Casey Riffe /The Billings Gazette via AP, File)

A North Carolina  man shot and killed a rabid bob cat after it attacked his wife. 

Video footage shows the man putting his coffee tumbler on the front of his car, when he noticed it needs to be washed. Then, his wife walks out carrying a pet case with their cat inside. You can hear the bobcat attack her before she starts screaming for help. He rushed over, ripped off the bobcat, held it up like Simba from the Lion King and hurled it across the lawn. He then took out his pistol and followed it before it could attack somebody else. Both were bitten multiple times by the animal and have been given more than 30 rabies shots. 


The couple shared their story with a local news station

That couple is Happy and Kristi Wade. Kristi says she knew something was wrong as soon as she heard a growl in the driveway.

“When it came around the car and it made eye contact with me, I knew immediately I was in trouble,” Kristi said.

“It first attacked my hand that I held behind me to try to fend it off, and then I felt it crawl up my back,” she said.

Hearing his wife’s screams, Happy jumped into action as the wild animal tried to bite Kristi’s neck.

“I kind of shoved my arm in there, that’s why I ended up with it face-to-face,” Happy said. “It’s not really until I get it a few steps away that I look at it and I realize it’s a bobcat and I say oh my god it’s a bobcat.”

“The third time it bit me I could actually feel the tooth on my bone because there’s no skin there,” he said. “And that’s when I realized and that’s when I flung it.”

Instead of running away into the woods, the animal ran back toward the house and into the garage. Happy says he could tell something was wrong.

“I knew because of the way it acted that this is not normal behavior for a bobcat,” he said. “Only a bobcat that was rabid would do this.”

As neighbors called 911, Happy made the decision to shoot the rabid animal. The Wades are concealed carry permit holders.

“At one point it kind of made a charge again and I was able to shoot it in the shoulder.”

Terrifying. Prayers for a speedy recovery. 

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