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Tom Cotton Grills Biden DOJ Nominee for Spreading False, Race Based Info About Police Shootings

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool)

Republican Senator Tom Cotton grilled Department of Justice nominee Kristen Clarke on Capitol Hill Wednesday for her habit of falsely declaring police shootings occur because of racism, rather than acknowledging fact based reasons or context. If confirmed, Clarke will become the assistant attorney general for the DOJ Civil Rights Division. She will oversee federal investigations and punishment for police in departments across the country. 


During the questioning, Clarke failed to agree with the Obama DOJ's conclusion that Officer Darren Wilson was justified in the 2014 shooting Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. A false narrative that Brown was innocent and shot with his hands up in surrender, perpetrated by the media and Democrat politicians, completely fell apart when confronted with the facts. 

"Was Officer Darren Wilson justified or not in the shooting of Michael Brown?" Cotton asked. "Eric Holder said he was. Three different investigations said he was. I'm asking you, was he or was he not justified?"

"As a private citizen there is something that feels unfair," Clarke said. 

Further, she failed to acknowledge Kenosha resident Jacob Blake was armed with a knife when he was shot by police while resisting arrest last year. 


Cotton is also going after her support of defunding the police, which she denied under oath. 

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