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Trump Just Proved the 'Experts' Wrong Again on the Vaccine Timeline

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Last year President Donald Trump predicted the Wuhan coronavirus vaccine would be available to anyone who wanted it by April 2021. 

 "Millions of doses will be available every month, and we expect to have enough vaccines for every American by April," Trump said in September 2020. 


The "experts" and majority of the media disputed his statement and argued it was highly unlikely. 

"President Donald Trump claimed Friday there will be enough coronavirus vaccines for every American by April -- a claim that doesn't match any timeline given by the federal government's health agencies, private researchers or even the companies making the vaccines," CNN reported about his remarks. "But Trump and one of his top advisers said they were confident that a vaccine would be approved, manufactured and ready for distribution to all by April."

Now, April 2021 has arrived and Trump was right. President Joe Biden, of course, is taking the credit. 

"To make it easier for Americans to get vaccinated as the supply grows and vaccination eligibility expands, I'm directing my COVID team to ensure there is a vaccine site within 5 miles of 90 percent of all Americans by April 19th," Biden said on March 29 during a White House event. "We’re going to do this by growing from having 17,000 pharmacies giving out vaccination shots to nearly 40,000 pharmacies doing it within the next three weeks.  That will more than double the number of pharmacies where you can go get vaccinated."


There you have it.   

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