Tucker Wrecks CNN's Chris Cuomo for Lying About His Wuhan Coronavirus Recovery

Posted: Apr 22, 2020 9:45 AM

Fox News Tucker Carlson exposed Chris Cuomo Tuesday night after the CNN anchor made up a story, which he then broadcast on his show, about his recovery from Wuhan coronavirus. 

"CNN, shameless cheeseballs that they are, celebrated by filming Cuomo rising like a buff, cable news lazarite from the grave and back into ordinary life," Carlson said. "When did journalists start talking about themselves so much. It's not a story, it's narcissism and that's weird enough. But it's not all. That was fake. Just last week Cuomo admitted getting into a fight with a bicyclist who harassed him for going outside and congregating with other people, something CNN has been vilifying ordinary people for wanting to do."

"Here you have a top CNN anchor who appears to have been ignoring the social distancing rules his network have been promoting and forcing on everyone else. It seems like he wasn't telling the truth about staying quarantined in his basement," he continued. 

While infected, Cuomo broke his quarantine in New York, got into a verbal confrontation with a bicyclist who recognized him and then got a pass from his brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo, after breaking lock-down rules. Here is a timeline: 

Rules for thee but not for me.

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