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(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Late Monday night President Trump announced he will be signing an executive order temporarily barring immigration to the United States as the fight against Wuhan coronavirus continues. 


Outrage ensued almost immediately, with the media and Democrats on Capitol Hill leading the way. 

But knee-jerk critics of the President's actions are missing the point, again. Not only do we want to prevent potential carriers of the disease from coming into the country, we want to protect American workers. 


By the time this is over, more than 30 million Americans could be unemployed. Depending on how fast the economy comes back, millions of people will languish in unemployment for quite sometime. Therefore, jobs that do open up as governments relax social distancing policies should be available to Americans first.

“President Trump is committed to protecting the health and economic well-being of American citizens as we face unprecedented times.  As President Trump has said, ‘Decades of record immigration have produced lower wages and higher unemployment for our citizens, especially for African-American and Latino workers.’  At a time when Americans are looking to get back to work, action is necessary,” White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, released in a statement Tuesday.

This is a simple concept to comprehend, as long as you leave politics out of it. 

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