Trump: You Know, China Should Probably Look Into the Bidens

Posted: Oct 03, 2019 12:30 PM
Trump: You Know, China Should Probably Look Into the Bidens

Source: AP Photo/David J. Phillip

Speaking to reporters on the South Lawn of the White House Thursday before boarding Marine One, President Trump was questioned about whether he has directly asked Chinese President Xi to investigate the Bidens' business dealings.

"I haven't, but it's certainly something we can start thinking about because I'm sure that President Xi does not like being under that kind of scrutiny where billions of dollars is taken out of his country by a guy [Hunter Biden] that just got kicked out of the Navy. He got kicked out of the Navy, all of a sudden he's getting billions of dollars. You know what they call that? They call that a pay off," Trump said. 

"I think [Joe] Biden is going down and I think his whole situation, because now you may very well find that there are many other countries that they scammed, just like they scammed China and Ukraine. And basically who are they really scamming? The USA. And it's not good. And that's probably why China for so many years has had a sweetheart deal where China rips off the USA because they deal with people like Biden where they give the son a billion and a half dollars, and that's probably why China has such a sweetheart deal that for so many years they've been ripping off our country," he continued.

Meanwhile, the claims of Biden corruption in Ukraine aren't going over well with voters...and former Vice President Joe Biden should be worried. 

The campaign has attempted to fight the allegations, which are being amplified by the White House, and released a statement about President Trump's statements earlier today. 

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