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Leftist Has a Meltdown on CNN, Justifies Palestinian Suicide Bombings

In case you missed it, the organization sponsoring a planned trip to Israel by Democrat Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib celebrates suicide bombings and the slaughter of children. They also spread vicious lies about Israel to fuel anti-Semitic hatred.


The group's name is Miftah. During a panel discussion yesterday on CNN, Atlantic writer and CNN contributor Peter Beinart justified the use of suicide bombings by Palestinian terrorists. He did so during a ranting defense of Omar and Tlaib's association with the organization. National Review's Rich Lowry pushed back.

He then tried to backtrack, while also defending Miftah again.


Meanwhile, there seems to be more outrage over the Israeli government banning terrorist sympathizers from the country than there is about two Congresswomen being closely associated with an organization that supports suicide bombings of innocent people.


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