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New Poll: Majority Support Trump's Deportation Raids

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

President Trump has repeatedly announced and discussed a series of Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids to remove hundreds-of-thousands of illegal aliens with final deportation orders. According to the administration, some were carried out last weekend.


The raids have prompted Democrats and their allies in the media to again accuse the Trump administration of unfairly targeting illegal aliens. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the ACLU have offered direct coaching and advice about how to evade deportation.

"A new wave of ICE arrests is expected to begin this Sunday in at least 10 cities across the country. We're fighting back by suing to stop mass deportations of refugee families," the ACLU sent in a fundraising email last week. "Know this: We don't have to open the door if ICE comes knocking. If the agents don't have a warrant signed by a judge, then we can refuse to let them in. We have the right to remain silent. And we shouldn't sign anything before speaking to a lawyer."

"ICE raids are nothing new. But for over two years now, the Trump administration has been terrorizing our communities at a new level – tearing thousands of families apart, spreading fear and hate. If this isn't the kind of country we want to live in, then we must keep fighting to defend our communities," the email continues. "The best way to fight back? Know your rights. And help your family, friends, and neighbors to know theirs."


And of course presidential candidates piled on. 

But according to new POLITICO/Morning Consult polling, the majority of American voters support the raids.

Further, a majority believe there is a problem or a crisis at the southern border with Mexico.

Meanwhile, Democrats continue to advocate for open borders and the abolishment of ICE.

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