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Graham: FYI, The Problem Isn't Trump, It's the Ayatollahs Bombing Targets in the Gulf

Speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill Thursday afternoon, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham did not mince words when asked about violent and escalating behavior from Iran.


"We're trying to collect intelligence to make informed decisions," Graham said. "We've told the Iranians before they shot the drone down that if they engage against American personnel or assets you do so at your own peril. The President does not want a war with Iran or anybody else but he is the Commander-in-Chief."

"They made a big mistake by shooting our drone down," Graham said. "What's provacative is to shoot the drone down," he continued. "Trump's not the problem so here's the way this is headed. If they start enrichment at the levels they're talking about in a few days, Israel over time will have to respond. There's one nation on the planet that's not going to give the Iranians a plan on their nuclear program and that's Israel. Israel will as a last resort attack to prevent a nuclear armed Iran. We will come to their aid. Here's what they're trying to do, they're trying to break our will, intimidate us to come to the negotiating table. The president made an offer to negotiate and the response was to attack a Japanese tanker...and last night they shot down a drone."

"Here's what Iran needs to get ready for, severe pain inside their country," he continued. "Their capabilities pale in comparison to ours...if they're itching for a fight, they're going to get one."


President Trump summoned a number of congressional leaders to the Situation Room at the White House Thursday for a briefing on the situation. Iran continues to claim the U.S. flew a surveillance drone into Iranian territory and therefore it was shot down. The regime released video, taking responsibility for the shoot down. 

The Pentagon has strongly hit back on the claim with a map of where the drone was flying.

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