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Obama's Former Campaign Manager: Eliminating the Electoral College Isn't Going to Happen

Former Obama campaign manager Jim Messina is pouring cold water on the elimination of the electoral college. In recent days and weeks, a number of 2020 Democrat presidential candidates have lobbied for the idea. 


"Let me just answer the electoral college question. I also think just from a campaign manager standpoint from when I ran President Obama’s campaign, we would never go to a small state if there was no electoral college. You’d go to the major media markets, you would not go to Iowa, you wouldn’t go to Montana, you wouldn’t go to New Hampshire,” Messina said during an interview with MSNBC Tuesday.

During a town hall with CNN Monday night, Democrat Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren advocated for the elimination of the constitutionally mandated system.


Since Hillary Clinton lost the presidency for a second time in 2016, due to her failure to visit important electoral college states like Wisconsin and Michigan, many on the left have advocated for the abolishment of the system in favor of a national popular vote. 

I'll leave you with why that's a bad idea: 

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