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Oh Noes! Obama Signed Stuff for Troops, Too

After slamming President Trump for failing to visit U.S. troops during Christmas time earlier this week and then having to completely backtrack when news broke he was in Iraq...visiting active duty troops, the media is still finding ways to criticize.


CNN's latest concern? That U.S. service members dared to ask President Trump to sign their Make America Great Again [MAGA] hats. In fact, they're accusing soldiers of breaking U.S. military protocol that could result in punishment.

But it turns out President Obama signed personal objects, like his photo, while visiting U.S. troops during his tenure. First Lady Michelle Obama also provided her signature to those who asked.


And no, U.S. troops didn't violate any rules by asking President Trump, or Obama, for a signature.

As usual, the outrage only came down on one side.

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