Pints & Politics: Sean Spicer Talks Family, Faith and Baptism By Fire at the White House

Posted: Jul 24, 2018 9:00 AM

Over the past two years, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has become one of the most recognizable political personalities in the country. To many, he's fascinating. His life story and culmination of experience through decades of work in politics is impressive. To others, he's infuriating and even became a temporary punching bag for late night television. 

But despite his rise to cultural and political prominence, most people don't really know Spicer; where he's from, how he values his faith, his deep American pride and the details of the intense journey -- personally and professionally -- he took to get to the White House.

After submitting his resignation and leaving the West Wing one year ago, Spicer's talking all about his life, the Trump administration and what he'd do differently in his new book The Briefing: Politics, the Press and the President

In a four-part interview series, I sat down with Spicer at one of his favorite Irish pubs in Old Town Alexandria to discuss his decades-long road to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

Part 1: Faith + Family 

Part 2: The 2016 Election 

Part 3: The Trump Transition 

Part 4: The Game-Changing Media Landscape

Full interview: