Judicial Watch: The Wheels of Justice Have Caught Up With McCabe

Posted: Apr 19, 2018 4:50 PM

The Department of Justice Inspector General has officially referred fired Deputy FBI Director for criminal prosecution after revealing he lied multiple times under oath to FBI and OIG investigators. In other words, McCabe is being served up to the U.S. Attorney in Washington D.C. for criminal charges. 

Attorneys for government watchdog Judicial Watch, who have sued the Department of Justice over documents related to Andrew McCabe's handling of the FBI's criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton's repeated mishandling of classified information, are saying it's long past time for accountability. 

"The wheels of justice finally caught up with McCabe for repeatedly lying under oath to investigators. It’s high time America had some accountability for his misconduct," Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton released in a statement. "Judicial Watch uncovered documents about McCabe’s conflicted handling of the Clinton investigation that should have triggered action months ago. Judicial Watch’s finds on FBI and McCabe corruption generated irresistible public pressure for accountability."

"McCabe’s potential criminal acts, on James Comey’s watch, are further proof that both the Clinton email and Trump-Russia investigations were irredeemably compromised. The Clinton email investigation was a sham and the Trump-Russia investigation is an abuse," he continued. "Unfortunately, the cover-up continues, the Justice Department and FBI are playing shell games and refusing to turn over McCabe text messages in Judicial Watch FOIA litigation."

In the meantime, Judicial Watch is continuing its Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the FBI for McCabe's text messages containing, "Dr. Jill McCabe, Jill, Common Good VA, Terry McAuliffe, Clinton, Virginia Democratic Party, Democrat, Conflict, Senate, Virginia Senate, Until I return, Paris, France, Campaign, Run, Political, Wife, Donation, OGC, Email, or New York Times."    

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