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Here's a Rundown of President Trump's School Safety Plan

The White House has released details of President Trump's plan to harden America's schools and to prevent future school shootings. According to officials, a number of approaches will be taken to address the issue. 

The President addressed the issue on Twitter Monday morning.

Listed below is a longer rundown of what to expect. 

-A commission made up of Education Secretary Betsey DeVos, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielson,  and Attorney General Jeff Sessions will work with states to implement proper and relevant school safety programs. 

-Members of the commission will heavily encourage governors to push for the passage of Risk Protection Orders in their states. These orders would allow law enforcement to confiscate firearms or other weapons from dangerous individuals after due process. DOJ will assist local authorities with implementation.

-The federal government, through the Education Department, DHS and DOJ, will allow states to apply for funding toward extensive armed teacher and school staff training. 

-Training will be state based and local school district officials will make decisions about where staff can obtain proper training for carrying firearms inside schools. 

-President Trump supports the Cornyn-Murphy FixNICS legislation, which would require states to place adjudicated mental health information into the federal background check system. If passed by Congress, the president would sign it. 

-President Trump supports the Stop School Violence Act, which puts increased emphasize on the importance of localized threat assessment. Funding will be available for training and other kinds of assistance to prevent violence by pin pointing the potential for violent acts in middle and high schools. 

-DHS, DOJ and Education will encourage military veterans to pursue a career in education.

-The FBI tip line will receive a full audit, review and changes to ensure important leads aren't ignored or missed. 

-On mental health reform, from the White House: 

The President is proposing increased integration of mental health, primary care, and family services, as well as support for programs that utilize court-ordered treatment. 

The President is calling for a review of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and other statutory and regulatory privacy protections. 

Reviews will determine if any changes or clarifications are needed to improve coordination between mental health and other healthcare professionals, school officials, and law enforcement personnel.

-The administration is focused on immediate action, in addition to a long-term approach to the issue of school safety. Overtime, the commission will assess whether Congress should pass a law to raise the age of purchase for a semi-automatic rifle to 21, repealing President Obama's anti-discipline education policies and increasing funding as necessary for additional state based training, safety or mental health programs.

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