Here's a List of School Districts That Already Allow Teachers to Be Armed

Posted: Feb 26, 2018 2:20 PM
Here's a List of School Districts That Already Allow Teachers to Be Armed

In the aftermath of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, President Trump has repeatedly proposed hardening schools by allowing teachers to carry firearms in their classrooms. This doesn't mean teachers would be forced to do so, but those willing to go through training and take on the responsibility should have the option.  

The proposal has been met with praise and criticism from many, but it should be noted this isn't a new or alien concept. School districts around the country already have polices allowing teachers to carry firearms, enabling them to combat a violent threat should one show up on campus. 

Texas, where 110 school districts have armed teachers and administrators:




 New signs posted on the grounds of Okay Public Schools announce an "Armed School Employees" policy in place.

The Okay Public Schools Board of Education passed an “Armed School Employees” policy in August. On Monday, the district publicized that policy with signage in front of the school.

“The signs are more or less a deterrent,” Superintendent Charles McMahan said. “We don't want to be a soft target.”

McMahan said his administration looks for ways to keep students safe and secure, particularly since the Okay Police Department was disbanded in December 2014. Although Wagoner County sheriff's deputies are available, McMahan said it is “seconds, not minutes, that matter.”


A rural Colorado school district decided Wednesday night to allow its teachers and other school staff to carry guns on campus to protect students.

The Hanover School District 28 board voted 3-2 to allow school employees to volunteer to be armed on the job after undergoing training.

The district’s two schools serve about 270 students about 30 miles southeast of Colorado Springs, and it takes law enforcement an average of 20 minutes to get there. The district currently shares an armed school resource officer with four other school districts.


These are a handful of examples, there are many more. Further, 18 states allow adults with carry permits to be armed on campus so long as they get proper approval from school officials. 

-Alabama (which bans possessing a weapon on school grounds only if the carrier has "intent to do bodily harm")
-California (with approval of the superintendent)
-Connecticut (with approval of "school officials")
-Hawaii (no specific law)
-Idaho (with school trustees' approval)
-Iowa (with "authorization")
-Kentucky (with school board approval)
-Massachusetts (with approval of the school board or principal)
-Mississippi (with school board approval)
-Montana (with school trustees' permission)

-New Hampshire (ban applies only to pupils, not adults)
-New Jersey (with approval from the school's "governing officer")
-New York (with the school's approval)
-Oregon (with school board approval)
-Rhode Island (with a state concealed weapons permit)
-Texas (with the school's permission)
-Utah (with approval of the "responsible school administrator")
-Wyoming (as long as it's not concealed)

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