First Hurdle Jumped: Tax Bill Makes It Out of Senate Committee

Posted: Nov 28, 2017 3:25 PM

Along party lines, the latest version of the Senate tax reform bill passed out of the Budget Committee Tuesday afternoon. 

"President Donald J. Trump applauds the Senate Budget Committee on taking an important step toward passing historic tax relief and reform and clearing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act this afternoon. The momentum driving our shared priorities of job growth, economic competitiveness, and fiscal responsibility through tax reform is undeniable, and this Administration is encouraged by the progress the Senate has made toward achieving these priorities. The President looks forward to providing tax cuts for hardworking Americans by the end of the year," White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders released in a statement. 

President Trump was on Capitol Hill Tuesday morning rallying support for the legislation as key Republicans remain skeptical on a number of components.

A full floor vote on tax reform is expected by the end of the week.