Attorney General Sessions to Speak About Free Speech on Campus

Posted: Sep 25, 2017 1:00 PM
Attorney General Sessions to Speak About Free Speech on Campus

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is jumping into the heated debate about free speech on college campuses. 

On Tuesday, Sessions will give a speech at Georgetown University Law Center on the topic. Following his remarks, he will engage in an on-stage conversation with Professor Randy Barnett.

Sessions' speech comes just weeks after UC Berkeley spent more than $800,000 in security fees to host conservative speaker and author Ben Shapiro. The security was necessary after far left organizations announced plans to violently disrupt his speech. 

Shapiro spoke at Berkeley earlier this year without issue. When he was invited back by the Young America's Foundation chapter to speak on campus this fall, university administrators initially blocked a request for a venue and therefore blocked his speech. After a lawsuit and negotiation, administrators allowed Shapiro to speak so long as the group hosting him paid a $15,000 unconstitutional security bill. 

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You can watch his remarks below: 

Conservative speakers are regularly met with opposition from campus administrators at universities around the country simply for offering a perspective outside of college safe spaces. They require security because liberal students and their agitator counterparts use violence instead of debate to address disagreement.