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Now that FBI Director James Comey has been fired, partially for his handling of the Clinton email scandal, many are wondering if a newly appointed director will take a second look at the case. 


Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, whose attorneys have worked overtime to expose the extent to which Clinton and her aides went in mishandling classified information on an unsecured private server, says it's certainly a possibility. 

"I think it [Clinton's case] needs to be reevaluated not only under a new FBI Director but under the new leadership of the Justice Department. Comey misdirected the investigation by suggested they needed to prove intent when in fact, common sense tells you that they mishandled it and knew what they were doing was wrong which is enough for a prosecution. It's gross negligence under the law," Fitton said during an interview on Fox News Thursday night. "The [Obama] Justice Department never wanted to have a serious investigation." 

"I still think she faces legal jeopardy. If the system is working, she still faces legal jeopardy," he continued. "The Justice Department under President Obama protected her. The FBI Director repeatedly misstated the law suggesting they needed intent. They had plenty of intent."


Fitton also reminded viewers the email server isn't the only legal cloud hanging over the former Secretary of State. There are still serious questions about her truthfulness under oath to Congress and of course major issues surrounding corruption at the Clinton Foundation.

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