Trump to Police and Sheriffs: You Have a Friend in The White House

Posted: Feb 08, 2017 10:45 AM

Speaking to the Major Cities Chiefs Association and Major County Sheriff's Association annual conference in Washington Wednesday morning, President Trump heaped praise on the audience and sharply turned away from the rampant anti-police, anti-law enforcement rhetoric of President Obama's tenure in the White House. 

"God has blessed our nation to put these heroes among us," Trump said. "Those who demonize law enforcement…are hurting the very people they say that they want to help."

"I want you to know the American people support you," he continued. 

In addition to expressing support during his remarks, Trump urged local law enforcement agents and officers to work with the federal government to remove criminal illegal aliens from their communities. He also discussed the border wall with Mexico, saying it will be built in order to keep bad people and drugs off American streets.

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