Absurd: Professor Explains to Tucker Carlson Why Women Are Cutting Their Hair in Protest of Trump

Posted: Dec 15, 2016 9:30 AM

If this isn't Trump derangement syndrome, I'm not sure what is. 

In the aftermath of Republican Donald Trump's presidential victory on November 8, rioters took to the streets, injuring more than a dozen people, damaging property and burning trees. We've seen whiny electors, who pledged to vote accordingly in the Electoral College, demand classified intelligence briefings they aren't entitled to. We saw Green Party candidate Jill Stein embarrass herself with recount demands in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, which in the end put Trump further ahead in vote totals and exposed Democrat voter fraud in Detroit. 

Now, women are cutting their hair and in some cases, shaving their heads to protest Trump. Professors at universities are leading the way. 

Wednesday on Tucker Carlson Tonight, George Washington University Health Policy Professor Dr. Kristian Henderson argued she drastically changed her hairstyle to show she isn't living in fear and explained why other women are changing their appearance in protest of the President-elect.

My body, my choice, or something.