Ted Cruz: Donald Is Throwing a Trumper-Tantrum, Might Nuke Denmark Because He's "Losing It"

Posted: Feb 03, 2016 3:30 PM

As Guy has extensively covered, Donald Trump is accusing Texas Senator Ted Cruz of voter fraud, threatening to sue and is demanding a recount in Iowa. Keep in mind, Trump lost by more than three percentage points. 

"Donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum, or rather a Trumpertantrum" Cruz responded during a press conference in New Hampshire Wednesday. "It seems his reaction to every thing is to throw a fit. I understand Donald Trump has a hard time losing, but the people of Iowa have spoken."

"Donald's insults get more and more hysterical...I wake up and laugh when I see what Donald has tweeted because he's losing it," Cruz continued. "I don't know anyone who is comfortable with someone who behaves this way with his finger on the button."

I mean we’re liable to wake up one day and Donald, if he were president, would have nuked Denmark," he said.

Cruz also tweeted about Trump's latest tirade earlier today.