Watch Gaza Celebrate the Slaughter of Americans in Israel

Posted: Nov 18, 2014 2:45 PM

Today two Palestinian terrorists walked into a synagogue in Jerusalem and brutally murdered four people who were praying. Three of those people were Americans. 

Shortly after the news of the attack made its way to the Gaza Strip, where Hamas fired thousands of rockets at Israel this summer, people hit the streets in celebration and calls for more attacks were made. Candy and food were handed out and the men who carried out the murders were held up as heroes. 

Meanwhile, The Media Line reports about the atmosphere in Israel as fears of more violence continue to rise.

The incident on Tuesday morning is the latest in a series of violent confrontations in Jerusalem during the past six weeks. With tension at the highest level it’s been in years, many are asking whether this marks the beginning of a new intifada.

“I hate the word ‘intifada,’ it translates to ‘uprising,’ this is not an uprising, it is targeting innocent civilians,” Mordecai Dzikansky, a retired NYPD detective and author of two books on terrorism, told The Media Line. “This is definitely a concentrated effort which went from cell-oriented terrorism to lone-wolf terrorism, but they are both state-sponsored; the lone-wolf is more dangerous because it's more difficult to obtain information from them,” he said.

Following Tuesday morning’s attack, Jerusalem's streets are noticeably quiet, many apparently afraid to venture into public places, the current venue-of-choice for attackers. Parents are restricting their children’s movements while cafes and restaurants are already reporting a dearth of customers.

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