Obligatory: Rodeo Clown Banned For Wearing an Obama Mask

Posted: Aug 14, 2013 8:04 AM
If you were planning to wear an Obama mask for Halloween, just prepare yourself for charges of racism (like you've never heard that before). Last weekend at a rodeo in Missouri, a rodeo clown wore an Obama mask during his performance. Naturally, his decision to do so sparked faux politically correct outrage not only in Missouri, but throughout the country.

President Obama mask appeared at a Missouri State Fair rodeo this weekend and the announcer asked the enthusiastic spectators if they wanted to see "Obama run down by a bull."

The antics led the state's second highest-ranking official, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, to denounce the performance in a tweet Sunday. He said it was "disrespectful" to the president.

"We are better than this," the Republican tweeted.

State Fair officials said the show was "inappropriate" and "does not reflect the opinions or standards" of the fair. "We strive to be a family friendly event and regret that Saturday's rodeo badly missed that mark," they said in a statement Sunday.
But guess what? In 1994, a President George H.W. Bush dummy was set up at a rodeo and actually attacked by a bull. No outrage ensued. Nobody was banned or fired. H/T Noel Sheppard.

The big white gate flew open. The bull came out bucking. The rider flopped from side to side and the bullfighters held back, letting the bull make his moves until the rider dropped off. Licciardello crouched in a heavily padded barrel, a human target should the bull decide to charge. Hawkins waited near the barrel, holding his big inner tube. A dummy with a George Bush mask stood beside the clown, propped up by a broomstick. [...]

T.J. Hawkins rolled out the big inner tube, and the bull lowered his head, shot forward and launched into the tube, sending it bounding down the center of the arena. The crowd cheered. Then the bull saw the George Bush dummy. He tore into it, sending the rubber mask flying halfway across the sand as he turned toward the fence, sending cowboys scrambling up the fence rails, hooking one with his horn and tossing him off the fence.
Regardless, the guy from Missouri has been permanently banned.

Missouri State Fair officials have banned for life the rodeo clown who wore a President Obama mask while facing bulls at the event over the weekend.

The clown in question engaged in an “unconscionable stunt” and will never perform at the Show Me state venue again, the Missouri State Fair Commission said Monday, in a statement. Fair officials are also reviewing their contract with the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association, the contractor responsible for hiring and overseeing bull ring clowns.

The performance was “inappropriate and not in keeping with the Fair’s standards," said the statement.

And now of course, the NAACP wants the Department of Justice to investigate the clown.

The president of the Missouri NAACP chapter has called for the Secret Service and Department of Justice to investigate an “incendiary event” at the Missouri State Fair involving a rodeo clown in an Obama mask.

“The activities at the Missouri State Fair targeting and inciting violence against our President are serious and warrant a full review by both the Secret Service and the Justice Department,” Mary Ratliff declared Tuesday.

Apparently rodeo clowns aren't allowed to do things in the name of comedy but left-leaning Hollywood celebrities sure are. Everyone just needs to calm down. The outrage over this incident is more outrageous than the incident itself.

I'll leave you with this:

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