Vote Will Go On: Military Trucks to Be Used at Polling Stations in New Jersey

Posted: Nov 02, 2012 2:42 PM

Despite millions of people still not having power until well into next week and even until after the election, New Jersey residents will still have the opportunity to vote on Election Day. Military trucks will be turned into polling stations and paper ballots will be used instead of electronic machines.

New Jersey will deploy military trucks to serve as polling places on Election Day in storm-battered communities, the state secretary of the state announced Thursday during a visit to this flood-ravaged town. The state is also extending the deadline on mail-in ballots.

Department of Defense trucks will be parked at regular polling places that have lost power, as long as the sites are still accessible. Paper ballots will be used.

Republican Secretary of State and Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno said voters will find "a DOD truck with a well-situated National Guardsman and a big sign saying, "Vote Here."

Guadagno said it was still unclear how many of the state's 3,000 polling places are without power, but she would know by Friday. Alternate sites are to be identified in cases where polling places are gone, she said.

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