"Conservative" Kathleen Parker Suggests Bloomberg Run For President

Katie Pavlich
Posted: Oct 30, 2012 4:00 PM

"Conservative" Washington Post columnist and pundit Kathleen Parker took to her Twitter page today to push for a Democrat, turned Republican, turned Independent Mike Bloomberg presidency.


Apparently, Parker must think Bloomberg handled preparation for Hurricane Sandy well. Weather expert Brendon Loy over at PJ Media thinks just the opposite, saying Bloomberg's hurricane prep for the city made "no damn sense at all."

If I’m missing or misunderstanding something here, let me know. (For what it’s worth, I’m seeing plenty of meteorologists on Twitter saying the same thing. They’re baffled by Bloomberg’s decision. So am I.)

UPDATE: I’ve now seen and read Bloomberg’s statement. It’s even worse than I thought. He said:

    We are not ordering any evacuations as of this time for any parts of the city. We’re making that decision based on the nature of this storm. Although we’re expecting a large surge of water, it is not expected to be a tropical storm or hurricane-type surge. With this storm, we’ll likely see a slow pileup of water rather than a sudden surge, which is what you would expect from a hurricane, and which we saw with Irene 14 months ago.

    So it will be less dangerous – but make no mistake about it, there will be a lot of water and low-lying areas will experience flooding. The City’s Departments of Transportation and Environmental Protection will be deployed throughout the city to address flooding conditions.

Let me be clear: I have literally no f***ing idea what Bloomberg is talking about. As closely as I’ve been following Sandy, I have not seen anyone else — literally not a single meteorologist or any other person — suggest that Sandy will produce a “slow pile up of water” rather than a typical “sudden” storm surge.

Whatever Bloomberg’s rationale, he’s just absolutely dead wrong, as noted by The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore and Bryan Norcross (who calls Bloomberg’s press conference “incomprehensibly inexplicable”), The Wall Street Journal’s Eric Holthaus, New York Fox 5′s Nick Gregory, WeatherBell’s Ryan Maue (“Bloomberg has baffled everyone with his bizarre press conference”), and many others.

You can read Loy's entire post here.

Putting aside the hurricane for a second, does Parker really think Bloomberg's "big gulp" style governing is good for the country? There is a reason we named him American's most dangeous mayor in the September issue of Townhall Magazine.

 “There are powers that only governments can exercise. Results only governments can achieve ... government at all levels must make healthy solutions the default social option. That is the government’s highest duty.”

Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke these words to a gathering of the United Nations General Assembly on September 20, 2011. These aren’t the words of a politician with high-minded rhetoric who rarely puts his promises into action, however. Throughout his tenure as mayor of New York City, Bloomberg has shown absolutely no qualms about using his office to further government paternalism.

There is no aspect of New Yorkers’ lives that Bloomberg thinks should be safe from government intrusion. While his food nannyism usually generates the most attention, Bloomberg also advocates the city government as an ever-watchful eye, armed with traffic cameras and questionable stop-and-frisk laws.

Government should focus on things like disaster preparation and response, not big gulps as Bloomberg has done.