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State Department Attacks Free Speech With Taxpayer Dollars in Pakistan

The State Department has spent $70,000 in taxpayer funds to purchase advertisements on seven different Pakistani television stations. No, the ads don't defend the First Amendment, or the right for a private American citizen to make a film about whatever they want, instead the ads essentially apologize to radical Islamists for the actions of an American filmmaker who insulted their Prophet Muhammed.


Seven Pakistani television stations broadcast U.S. government public service messages Thursday featuring President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denouncing a film clip insulting Mohammed. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland confirmed the ads were produced and paid for by the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad, at a cost of $70,000. They aired on the same day as the army had to be called in to prevent violent protestors from breaching a diplomatic enclave where the embassy in located. 

First off, the Obama White House and State Department, including Secretary Hillary Clinton herself, said the film "insulting Islam" has nothing to do with and has no connection to the government of the United States. Despite this claim, the U.S. Government is turning right around and rapidly spending taxpayer money to try and appease Jihadis over a film they....had nothing to do with. Second, this pathetic response is coming from the same side of the aisle that decries the use of "God" on public property, in schools, on our currency, in our Pledge of Allegiance, in political speeches, etc. After all, it was at the DNC where God got booed. Apparently, booing God as a party is okay but a private citizen insulting Islam is unacceptable.


You know who really deserves an apology? The American people and the families of slain Americans overseas as a result of radical Islamists rioting in the streets because their feelings are hurt. Not to mention, these protests aren't the result of a "film" at all. The film is being used as a scapegoat by the Obama administration so they can avoid responsibility for their failed Middle East policies. The riots are anti-American and the State Department's efforts to attack the First Amendment in the name of appeasement, is also anti-American.

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