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For months we've been hearing liberal Democrats scream about the so-called Republican "war on women." The opening night of the DNC convention in Charlotte Tuesday could have easily been confused with a pro-choice rally as speaker after speaker boasted about believing in a woman's right to choose. NARAL President Nancy Keenan even said having an abortion should be viewed as an act of dignity. But on top of promoting abortion at anytime, anywhere, for any reason in the name of women's health, the DNC played a video glorifying Senator Ted Kennedy.


For those not familiar, Kennedy has a long history of sexism and of course there was that little "incident" at Chappaquiddick when he drove Mary Jo Kopechne drunk off of a bridge, swam out and left her there to drown. He didn't report the incident for nine hours and when her body was finally found, investigators determined if Kennedy had called the police right away, she could have been rescued. Why? She found a small pocket of air while trapped inside the car. Instead of drowning as Kennedy thought she would, she suffocated to death.

Last night on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, I pointed out the hypocrisy of Democrats, specifically at the DNC, glorifying someone like Ted Kennedy while claiming the GOP is responsibile for waging a "war on women." Long time Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen (who was in the spotlight earlier this year for attacking Ann Romney and stay at home moms) quickly cut me off and Piers Morgan called my comment "below the belt."


You know what's really below the belt? Leaving a woman to die in your car, covering it up and then claiming to be pro-woman. Even if Democrats like Rosen want to forget about Mary Jo Kopechne in defense of Kennedy others will not and as you might expect, many on the left responded to my factual comment about Kennedy with tolerance and civil discussion, Twitchy has the documentation.


Former President Bill Clinton, who also has a long history of sexual harrassment against women, including young interns in the Oval Office, will speak tonight at the "pro-women" DNC.


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