Great News: New Black Panther Party Members Plan to Put Their Boots on the Necks of Republicans

Posted: Aug 15, 2012 11:20 AM

Going to the Republican National Convention in Tampa at the end of August? If so, watch out for New Black Panthers who plan to put their boots on your neck. 

"We are under siege in Tampa because of this Republican National Convention."

"The Republicans hate black people."

"You better believe I'm going to put my God damned boot on their motherf****** necks!"

If that woman's voice, Michelle Williams, sounds familiar, it's because it is familiar. Williams called for a Red Sea of violence and bloodshed back in April.

They also have plans to put King Samir Shabazz, the man who was caught on video intimidating voters outside of a Philadelphia polling station in 2008, in charge of a new militia dedicated to killing white babies and skinning white people.

"If you want to be free you're going to have to get out here and kill some of these God damn peckerwoods (SP.) You're going to have to kill some of these babies just born three seconds ago. You're going to have to go into the God damn nursery and just throw a damn bomb in the nursery and kill everything white in sight."

"I want nothing more than to come home with a cracker's head in my book bag."

Where is Eric Holder?