Team Obama Attacks Self-Made Billionaire Raised by Poor Jewish Immigrants

Katie Pavlich
Posted: Aug 15, 2012 8:09 AM

The Obama campaign seems to be a little worried about cash and they're willing to attack wealthy Republicans who donate to the Romney campaign without giving their backgrounds or context. Last night, Team Obama sent an email warning of billionaire Sheldon Adelson. Adelson owns the Venetian resort in Las Vegas and funded Newt Gingrich's primary campaign. Now, Adelson is shifting his support to Romney and Democrats aren't happy. 

Friend --

Today, just 72 hours after joining the GOP ticket, Paul Ryan is making a pilgrimage to the Sands' Venetian casino in Las Vegas to kiss the ring of Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino magnate who's already donated more than $35 million to Republican groups in this election.

That's the same Sheldon Adelson who gave $15 million to help Newt Gingrich against Mitt Romney in the primary, and said he may give $100 million -- basically, whatever it costs -- to defeat Barack Obama.

We're starting to get a glimpse of how Romney plans to cash in on his vice presidential pick. Before Ryan's even been fully introduced to the American people, he's attending a private fundraiser in Vegas with the top super PAC donor.

We're doing this differently, with ordinary people chipping in whatever they can afford -- but it's going to take a lot more of us to match them. Will you donate $5 or more today?



Julianna Smoot
Deputy Campaign Manager
Obama for America

But who is Sheldon Adelson? He's in the majority of billionaires who is self made. He was raised by poor Jewish immigrants during the Great Depression, his father was a cab driver and through his entrepreneurial spirit, Adelson became what he is today.

As a poor Boston kid, he was an unusually ambitious newsie. One of four children of a cab-driving Jewish Lithuanian immigrant, Adelson was raised during the Great Depression in the Boston suburb of Dorchester. As a child, he worked in a grocery store, butcher shop, laundromat, and hawking newspapers. His first business breakthrough, he says, came at age 12 when he bought the corner newsstand where he'd been working. Adelson then ran through a series of businesses — candy vendor, mortgage broker, court stenographer — before hitting the jackpot in 1979 with Comdex, an influential computer trade show he launched in Las Vegas.

Adelson is an example and product of the American Dream. Instead of using Adelson as an example of success, an example of no matter who you are, you can make it big in America, the Obama campaign is vilifying him and others like him. Also, here's a reality check for President Obama: 86 percent of millionaires are self made and 75 percent of billionaires are self made.